Brojack Ministries

Please start by reading the About page on my website then below is a brief description of each slide in a power point presentation that I give to the kids and young adults.

 The primary purpose of my presentations is to offer hope to our youth today.  I am not there to preach to them but to educate them on the dangers of drugs, alcohol, and associating with the wrong people. I have been visiting death row in the state of Texas for over 2 years now and I have a strong message from these inmates about how drugs, alcohol, and running with the wrong crowds ultimately cost them their lives.

Power Point Presentation

Slide 1             My ministry Logo

Slide 2             A brief description of who I am and why I am presenting this information to them.

Slide 3             I start out talking about how I was raised and what kind of environment I came from. I had no father and my mother was very young (16) when she had me. I was raised in a violent atmosphere surrounded by drugs and alcohol. When I was 12, my 7 year old brother was killed by a drunk driver and from that point on I lost all hope. Slide 3 is the last picture of my brother before he was killed.

Slide 4             I then describe how I lived a life of bitterness and anger all through high school and then I joined the Navy. While in the Navy my mother was murdered by a gunshot wound to the head. This caused me to become even more bitter and angry and at that point I had lost all hope of any kind of happiness. My life was dependent on drugs and alcohol and surrounded by violence. Slide 4 is a newspaper clip of my mother being removed from her car after she had been shot.

I tell some of my story so that they can see what kind of life I had and that I can understand and relate to how some of them feel. Then I talk to them awhile about how I changed my life for the positive and how I now witness to murderers just like to one who murdered my own mother trying to ensure their salvation. It is a powerful statement about how your life can be changed if they choose to do what is right.

But then I start telling them what they have waiting for them if they choose the wrong path. A life of pain and misery that could end up on death row whether they think it can happen to them or not. Then I take them on a journey through death row.

Slides 5 – 9      Before I take them inside the prison, I give them some facts about death row, the death penalty, and the execution process. These facts get their attention because most people have no idea what death row and the death penalty are all about.

Slides 10 – 41  I take them inside the prison and describe each part. To most people this part is the most compelling.

Slides 42 – 49 I talk about these executed inmates that I knew and use  their stories as lessons to learn about the consequences of your actions.

Slides 50 – 51  These are the list of inmates that I knew well that have been executed since I have been going into death row. I talk about these guys because I tried to find out what makes a murderer. Is there something that they all have in common? Are they all black, white, Hispanic, poor, rich, no father, no mother, violent upbringing, etc. Do all of these 29 guys have anything in common?

Slide 52           This slide sums up the only commonality that I have found that these executed men had in common. Out of the 29 only 4 graduated high school. The message……           GET AN EDUCATION!

Slide 53           This is the last place you will be alive on this earth should you choose the wrong path for your life. This is a picture of the table in the death chamber where men are executed in the State of Texas.

Slide 54           This is the TDCJ website in case they want to look for themselves

Slide 55           This is how to contact Brojack Ministries