Message of Hope

Through Brojack Ministries I now use my many life experiences, church experiences, and prison/jail ministry experiences to speak to various walks of life in any type of venue including but not limited to churches, schools, jails or prisons. From these experiences, I am able to share:

  1. A message for Christians who are struggling to find the will of God in their life. If you will be obedient and go where He sends you, many blessings are waiting.
  1. A message for those who have not accepted God’s gift of salvation. Regardless of your past, regardless of the bad things you have done, God will forgive you and use you for His glory.
  1. A message for the victims of violent crimes to help you understand that you can have closure if you choose. It starts with forgiveness.
  1. A message for the people struggling with addictions, especially youth and young adults, about the dangers of drugs and alcohol, and how they can lead you to Death Row whether you believe it or not. Almost every Death Row inmate that I have encountered wishes they had never become involved with drugs or alcohol. You can be healed and I know how!


I am available to speak with you and the people you love

If you have individuals at your church, school, or any other organization that you feel would benefit from my experiences or testimony, I would love to come and share a message of hope that can only come from God Almighty. God bless!